This is my third workshop (Creating Menstrual Health). My experience of the content is different and deepens every time. Definitely not a ‘repeat process’ – it’s new and fresh to me with different insights as my understanding of the work deepens.
Adrienne Egan, 39 yrs, Maya Abdominal Therapist, Dublin 2011

What is Menstruality?

Menstruality is the female life process of menarche, the menstrual cycle, menopause and the mature years. It is the woman’s ground, her initiatory process and ‘the mother cycle’, out of which rises the initiatory path to motherhood that is conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. Menstruality describes the precise and multi–layered biological, psychological and spiritual system of evolution within the female body. Menstruality is the actual lived experience of this process, the knowledge that a woman accumulates or grows down into, and the field consciousness that this embodied knowledge generates.

Menstruality is a means of naming and exploring the ineffable, mysterious forces within a woman—the hidden powers that are released when consciousness is brought to bear on our biological life changes. Menstruality is both a woman’s unique Calling or Power and the evolutionary path by which she realises that Power. Menarche, menstruation and menopause are the key way stations of initiation or Awakening to the Power. The menstruating years are the practice ground for realising it, and the mature years a time of deep fulfilment of that Calling or Power.

Menstruality describes a woman’s journey of individuation from ego–based consciousness to participatory consciousness—an extraordinarily integrated and complete system of psychological and spiritual growth.

Menstruality is a language, a way of articulating a woman’s experience that is rooted in natural lore and the process of evolution. It is how women pass on our knowledge of our feminine life process from one to another. It is a shared way of being.

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