I absolutely LOVED the seminar...you are SO SO gifted and it is so obvious that you really CARE for each individual.....I came to your course for health reasons but left emotionally healed in so many ways....it was like a piece of the puzzle that was missing was found
L. B. Teacher, London workshop 2010
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From Pain to Power
Alexandra Pope
Your self-care guide to healing menstrual problems

In this booklet you will discover a new approach to women’s wellbeing based on the natural power of the menstrual cycle. When you combine this natural power with the other self–care approaches outlined here you will have the best foundation for healing your symptoms and creating wellbeing.

Please note: all the material in this ebook has been integrated (and slightly updated) into our FREE Hormone Harmony course at www.redschoolonline.net. If you would still like to have a copy of the ebook as well you can buy it here. 

The Inner Seasons Meditation
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Explore the phases of your cycle

Welcome to The Inner Seasons Meditation during which you can explore the qualities of the different phases of your cycle, so that you can learn how to co-operate with them and utilise the full potential they offer.

The Primal Image
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Illuminate your unconscious relationship to menstruation

The Primal Image meditation will allow you to look a little more deeply into your unconscious relationship with menstruation. This meditation will help to reveal your current beliefs, perceptions and physical experiences of menstruation.

The Secret Feminine Energy of the Menstrual Cycle Poster
Cat Stone
Original artwork, hand drawn and designed by Cat Stone

A practical and beautiful poster that contains an 'at a glance' chart that will help you to focus on each phase of your cycle, and predict changes of energy over the coming month.  The poster is printed on quality FSC approved paper, helping to protect and sustain the Earth's forests.

Red Power Cards
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope
Divination cards for insight and guidance on the powers of your menstrual cycle

Introducing our brand new Red Power Cards... your ultimate guide to the powers of your menstrual cycle and the restoration of the female initiatory path.

Available for pre-order now. Shipping w/c 23rd November 2015.


The Woman's Quest Workbook by Alexandra Pope
Alexandra Pope
A 13 session self-guiding course.

Discover, reclaim and deepen into the amazing spiritual resources of your cyclical body. Revel in the blessings that come from connection to female paths to power and wisdom.

Taking you on a journey of revelation, love, healing, power and wisdom gathering.