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A Man’s Guide To Menopause

A Man’s Guide to Menopause

The first time we were interviewed on The Great Man Within podcast turned out to be their most-listened-to episode ever!

After some apprehension on both sides about whether or not it would land well, we were all absolutely thrilled at the response from The Great Man Within community. So of course, Alexandra couldn’t resist the opportunity to return to the podcast to provide a man’s guide to menopause!

In this podcast, Alexandra talks through the process of menopause as it relates to men.

We talk through how men can support the women in their lives through menopause; at home and in the workplace, what not to do and how a woman who is prepared vs. unprepared will navigate through this time.

Share this episode far and wide with the men in your lives and find us on Instagram or Facebook to let us know what your main takeaways were!

You can find more about The Great Man Within Podcast by following Dominick on instagram @dominickq or on their website here.

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