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Menstruality is the exciting new revolution happening in women’s health and wellbeing, healing and therapeutic disciplines, coaching, education and leadership, and feminine spiritual practice.

Menstruality is the female life process of menarche, the menstrual cycle, menopause and the mature years. It is the woman’s ground, her initiatory process and ‘the mother cycle’, out of which rises the initiatory path to motherhood that is conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Menstruality describes the precise and multi–layered biological, psychological and spiritual process of maturation within the female body. Menstruality is the actual lived experience of this process, the knowledge that a woman accumulates or grows down into, and the field consciousness that this embodied knowledge generates.

Menstruality is a language, a way of articulating a woman’s experience that is rooted in natural lore and the process of evolution. It is how women pass on our knowledge of our feminine life process from one to another. It is a shared way of being.

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Menstruality means:

  • Being cycle literate – able to read your body for your contraception and conception needs
  • Having access to regular in-built de-stressing and repair time naturally (that’s at menstruation)
  • Inhabiting the ultimate self-care and inner guidance system
  • Mindfulness and emotional literacy
  • The feminine leadership paradigm
  • Being connected to what your ‘business’ or Calling is
  • Feeling held by Something Greater that is guiding the unfolding of your unique Calling
  • Being ‘in the flow’ of your life
  • Having an in-built spiritual practice
  • Direct access to the most exalted states of consciousness and experience of Union naturally
  • Wholeness and empowerment
  • Consecrating yourself and all of life as sacred
  • Living the Feminine Way

Wow! What an absolute privilege it was for me to spend the day with you both. It was such an amazing experience on so, so many levels, both professionally and personally. I never expected to experience the shift I experienced. I think I was the only person who tentatively raised their hand in response to the question: “Who here has been thinking ‘what’s all the fuss about. I am not sure why I am here!’?”…As the day unfolded the pennies dropped time and time and time again. As you explained the inner seasons it was like the lights started to switch on and the awakening process had begun. Jo Stallard, Clinical Hypnotherapist, CEO of Foresight

Special note: The term “Menstruality” came into being in 2001 when New Zealand Psychotherapist and Menstruality Educator Jane Catherine Severn developed a new, unique and comprehensive model of feminine life. Recognising the hormonally-orchestrated sequence of life-changes she calls The Four M’s: Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life as the matrix on which our lifelong psycho-spiritual development takes place, she was astounded to realise that something of such significance in every woman’s life had no name.

Jane Catherine coined the term Menstruality to break the silence and invisibility that unnamedness brings, and to allow women to begin speaking in whole new ways of what has been too long unheard. We are indebted to her for bringing this word into being. Our description of it is our own. To learn more about the wonderful Menstruality work of Jane Catherine go to

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