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Our wonderful team includes Penny, Jayne, Pam, Charlotte, Emily and Barn2Media. The team is here to help you and us. For all general enquiries contact the team at  We aim to get back to you within 48 hours, and hopefully sooner. We work at a human pace, and want our female team members to have downtime at menstruation if they want it. So if you don’t hear from them for a few days you’ll know they’re chilling out and being rebooted!

Penny Fuller

Apprenticeship Manager

Penny has been consciously working with her menstruality since 2010 and was part of the first group to complete our in person Apprenticeship Training as well as assisting on a second one. She’s a wise and sensitive yoga teacher, knows what it is to suffer from menstrual problems and to make meaning out of her experience, and has the communication gene…lucky us! She’s our ‘front of house’ dealing with all your inquiries, comments and feedback.

Jayne Power

Events Manager

Jayne brings a fabulous grounded presence to Red School. Passionate about women’s mysteries and an apprentice of Red School (2012), She is the powerhouse organizing all our public programmes. For the past 6 years Jayne has facilitated ‘Red Tent Worcestershire’ offering open and closed, menstrual and menopause circles for women; workshops, events, ceremonies, individual mentoring and offers a deeply held retreat space for menstruating and menopausal women on a 1:1 basis. She perceives her journey through menstruality as her spiritual practice, her self-development tool alongside her creative awakening through SoulCollage(R)  for which she facilitates workshops.

Pam McCarthy

Policy Officer

Pam brings sensitivity, deep commitment and extensive policy experience to Red School. Her guiding principle is her connection to Nature. She lived and worked in Central Europe for ten years managing sustainable development projects in the Carpathian mountains, mostly delivered through community engagement and facilitating policy processes. Menstruality found her in the mid 2000s, she’s been swimming in this ocean since and is a graduate of the Apprenticeship training. As Red School’s Policy Officer she’s here to work with people and organisations who want to bring Menstrual Cycle Awareness into the Workplace, as an asset for well-being, creativity, and stress management.


Web developer

We love our web developers Barn2Media! They’re a small company (and growing fast) based in Devon and have built the technical side of our site and are now managing and hosting it. Responsive and very efficient, they are a pleasure to work with and reasonably priced. What’s not to like?!

Emily Stewart

Red School for Girls

Emily Stewart is passionate about making the period conversation empowering and accessible. Co-director of The Real Period Project CIC she is working on how best to deliver positive menstrual education in schools and beyond. She runs workshops for young people, mothers, fathers and teachers (see for more details). Her dream is to see a world where the menstrual cycle is seen as an ally and teacher, and talking about it with our girls is a normal part of life.

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