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Chart Art!

Chart Art!

There are many different ways to track your cycle experience and it's good to find a way that works for you. Over the years I (Sjanie) have shifted and changed my charting style. At first I had a red notebook…

100 Days Of Menstrual Mandalas

100 days of menstrual mandalas

by Jennifer Lawrence I’ve tracked my menstrual cycle for years, first as a tool to achieve pregnancy, then to heal from postpartum depression. After several years of tracking physical and emotional “symptoms” I heard the call to drop deeper into…

Moon Time Chocolates

Moon time chocolates

Milly from Moon Time Chocolate writes: I create handmade chocolate truffles inspired by, and nurturing our cyclic nature as women. They are made with fairtrade and organic cacao, nut butters, herbs, flowers and love ~ all sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar.…

Hay House Author Spotlight

Hay House author spotlight

Written by Amy Kiberd, Hay House Commissioning Editor Over the years I have come across many authors who highlight the importance of cycles – tuning in to the cycles of nature and our lives, and recognising, respecting and living in harmony…

The Wild Power Series – Ep7

The Wild Power Series – Ep7

SJANIE: Today’s Episode is called Discovering the Inner Temple of Menstruation. And in this episode, you’ll learn how you are wired for bliss, love and ecstasy. You’ll learn how your menstrual cycle prepares you to enter your inner temple at…

The Wild Power Series – Ep6

The Wild Power Series – Ep6

  Alexandra: In our last episode we explored the basic energy pattern underlying the menstrual cycle and we introduced you to the 2 creating currents: the via positiva which is connected to the first half of the cycle and is…

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