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Women’s Quest Apprenticeship, UK 2018

May 20, 2018 @ 5:30 pm - September 25, 2018 @ 2:00 pm BST


May 20, 2018 @ 5:30 pm BST
September 25, 2018 @ 2:00 pm BST
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Lou Perham

Leadership training in menstruality consciousness

The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship is a radically new approach to leadership training for women based on a uniquely female model of development: the menstrual cycle and the psychological and spiritual developmental journey from menarche through menopause into her mature years. It is the first comprehensive training of its kind in the world exploring and developing the exciting new discipline of menstruality, a discipline that is set to change the way we approach women’s wellbeing at all levels of our personal and professional development, creative and spiritual life.

Run over 5 months with 2 five and a half day residentials, working deeply with a group of 22 women, you will deeply explore a body of knowledge with ancient roots that has been freshly articulated and evolved for twenty–first century women. You will also help to expand this knowledge, becoming a co–creator and co-evolver of our understanding of what it means to be a woman in the world today. We think this is the most thrilling work to be involved in.  

Also included in the training is a comprehensive 50-page manual and 2 coaching sessions

For information on the training, the content of each residential and details about registering please contact: Penny Fuller


As a minimum requirement you need to:

  • Complete our three online courses, the first of which is free: Hormone Harmony, Menstrual Cycle Literacy and Menarche. You can join the courses here.
  • Read our book Wild Power: discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power (Hay House, 2017), available here

Our work is based on the process of your experience of the cycle over time as well as all the rich information we have to teach. The Work itself is very deep and sometimes catalytic for women, so it is important that you are well grounded in the basic energetics of your cycle. You may already have done a lot of work in this area. That’s ideal, and we  must ask you to become a beginner again with our approach at Red School. This work doesn’t stand still! It’s evolving all the time so we hope you find new evolutions in your understanding too.

Along with joining our online programme, do also establish a listening partnership through the courses, consider a coaching session with one of our the course mentors, and generally get stuck into the foundational practice of menstrual cycle awareness. You might also enjoy working with the Woman’s Quest workbook. Above all begin charting your cycle. You can’t know it enough! And the more you know and experience the more you can get from our training.

Aims of the training

You will learn how to work with the powers of the menstrual cycle as the female intitiatory path from menarche to menopause. In the context of that we will explore the cycle work at three different levels:

  • Wellness—the practice of self–care, life management and inner work
  • Creativity—the cycle as guide to the creative process, to finding and realising your Calling
  • Sprituality—the journey of psychological and spiritual evolution, that also includes a deep exploration of the spiritual forces of menstruation.

If you are on the cusp of or have crossed the menopause, you will be working retrospectively recovering something of your menstrual cycle story, understanding how the cyclical powers exist within you still and how to honour them, while also exploring this in the context of the transition of menopause.

The training offers the possibility of a healing of your past, a clear opening and grounding in how to fulfill your creative potential, an experience of the spiritual forces of menstruation and the evolutionary power of the whole cyclic journey.

Awakening the powers of the menstrual cycle and menstruation itself can initiate a new understanding of yourself as a woman. Through the practice of menstrual cycle awareness you begin to see your own cycle pattern. This opens you to a deeper knowing of and a more loving acceptance of yourself: clearing the way to an experience of your Power and Beauty.

Who is the Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship for?

Any woman:

  1. Interested in personal or spiritual development
  2. Yearning for a deeper understanding and embodiment of the Feminine
  3. Wanting to teach in this field or apply this knowledge to her daily life or professional field such as counselling and psychotherapy, education including birth education and midwifery, coaching and leadership training, healing and shamanism
  4. Drawn, even compelled, to attend for some unknown reason (we think this is a great way to come and many who attend say “I don’t know why I just feel I have got to be here!”)

Course Dates

First residential: Sunday 20th May – Friday 25th May 2018

Second residential: Sunday 16th September – Friday 21st September 2018

To apply

For more information on the training, the content of each residential and details about registering please contact: Penny Fuller

We limit the numbers and places do fill quickly so if you are interested we’d urge you to act now. You don’t have to commit with any money at this point but we do offer places in order in which the applications come in.



Living in a community where there is a Woman (an individual or a group of women) who is responsible for preparing girls for puberty and celebrating their first period; teaching them cycle awareness for self–care, menstrual health, contraception, and the sacredness of sexuality; preparing women for pregnancy and birth, and finally greeting them as they arrive at the door of menopause


Going for healing, counselling or coaching and at the centre of your work is the acknowledgement of your cycle as a core tool for healing and creating your future


Attending a personal or spiritual development program where the menstrual cycle is openly acknowledged and recognised as the quintessential Woman’s Way


Working in an environment where your embodied intelligence as a woman is welcomed, and in which business development recognizes cyclical consciousness


Men respecting the menstrual cycle as a wonderful ally for deepening relationship and experiencing an exquisite holy union


A culture that celebrates cyclical life in all its guises…


You are the woman who is instrumental in restoring this knowledge to our families, communities and culture.


Our menstruality consciousness restored to the world.


You are a woman restoring that consciousness


As someone that has grappled with the ‘feminine principle’ and how to recover it to some balance in my own life, the WQAT takes the notion of the restoration of the feminine principle into a grounded embodied place. After years of trying to search for answers this training has revealed much to me, and drawn it out from within; clarity, how I operate in the world and a very clear path of what I need to do now. Practical magic! I’m finally feeling at home in myself for the first time ever. The impact has been massive for me. Adrienne Egan, Maya Massage therapist and healer, 2011/12

Deciding to take the step to commit to the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship was one of those things where I didn’t know exactly WHY I was doing this, but there was a deep knowing I that i HAD to! The guidance received through the WQA has been like receiving a map into myself, through which I am learning how to better understand and handle the powerful feminine energies moving through me each month. Through the amazing support from Alexandra and the rest of the group as a whole, I am now beginning to grow a confidence to actually dare to share this female wisdom with others  (And some further reflection: if I’m honest I have sort of been putting off emailing you to arrange our final session, it feels like an end of something… my heart knows of course that that is not the case, but the mind doesn’t want to finish this amazing chapter with you. Both the Sacred Woman courses that are running now are flowing so beautifully and you are this solid, unshakable inspiration holding up the teachings… I am often referencing my notes from our training weekends in preparation for the Sacred Woman Gathering and am always wowed out by the constant stream of little gems from your sharing.  Thank You Thank You Thank You!!) Sarah Wilks, yoga teacher, 2011/12

What a journey we are on! The apprenticeship training has taken me to a deeper core understanding of my path in ways that I didn’t expect. Using my own cycle, I’m learning how to repair what was broken in my life and create anew, with an authority that self-awareness and years of therapy failed to bring. Through this apprenticeship, Alexandra Pope is reconnecting us with our birthrights as women. Jacqueline Riquez, artist, mother, and menstrual educator, 2011/12

The Women’s Quest Apprenticeship is a rare gift; a unique opportunity for self discovery that opens doors to every aspect of our reality.  It has been both a privilege and a revelation to watch all course participants flourish and grow in such an impressive, tangible manner.   And it is humbling to see how far I have come myself in terms of emotional strength and awareness.  The Apprenticeship has enabled me to embody an understanding of how vital it is for women to befriend their menstrual consciousness – undoubtedly a fast track to progress in terms of personal development.  As these past 9 months have been possibly the most insightful and potent of my life so far, I look to the future with intrigue, awake to the manifold possiblities that Alexandra and The Quest have brought. Penny Fuller, Yoga Teacher, 40 yrs old, 2011/12

For me the Apprenticeship training was deeply transforming just being within the field of its energy. I felt with you a deep resting and a journeying and traveling in yourself that gave me such permission. I felt deeply touched by your compassion for yourself and felt that radiated to us as women and created a glow and simple deep love in the room…You know from the inside the pain and disturbances and at the same time trusted something stronger than the wounding/periferal and what is all around us and listened and listened from inner ears. I felt I could rest/trust in that too and you gave permission for that which feels precious and unseen, the feminine way with mysterious senses. Like an invisible tincture/essence of silent knowing that you taste and ingest when you know it too. And for this I am deeply grateful as I know how precious and neglected this approach has been…how thirsty and how much denial of that thirst there is and the conflict this creates. Claire Taylor, Artist 2011/12

The best thing I have ever done! To learn to live The Womanly Way, to befriend myself in all (yes, all!) seasons of my menstrual cycle, to delve where I have never delved before, and come out feeling so so alive and juicy wanting to share it with my sisters! This apprenticeship has given me the biggest Mother-Hug of my life! Thanks.  Jane Legge, Engineer, 2012/13

You would not be able to fully understand how much my life has changed or how much you and the other women in the WQ Tribe have changed my life. One of things that I have learned from you…is that I must learn to trust. You trust and you have co-created with the divine. You have touched so many lives. And now the women in the WQ tribe are motivated to go out and help and serve other women! I never imagined or even believed that I could be this well and I know that I still have a lot to do. But here is the big change for me, I am actually getting on with it. I am all zipped up, a whole complete woman full of light, dark, softness, harshness. Love the whole bit. I acknowledge all of me…I just don’t have the words to express my gratitude or my Love. So while I had absolutely no intention of enjoying this journey…I am loving it! Not that it is easy on the contrary, but it is blissful because it is honest, real and true!

Althea Hart, community worker, 2012/13


Hawkwood College
Painswick Old Road
Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 7QW United Kingdom
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