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I just wanted to let you know how profound I found the work that you are doing. Having been focused on women’s work and the womb for the past few years, I feel I received the missing piece of the puzzle.  Hallelujah!   In fact, more like the container within which it is all held and the ultimate ‘key’.  I am very excited to continue this journey with my cycle – day by day.  I have already received many insights.

Yoga Teacher & Therapist, 38 yrs old  

As someone that has grappled with the ‘feminine principle’ and how to recover it to some balance in my own life, Menstruality Education takes the notion of the restoration of the feminine principle into a grounded embodied place. After years of trying to search for answers this work has revealed much to me, and drawn it out from within; clarity, how I operate in the world and a very clear path of what I need to do now. Practical magic! I’m finally feeling at home in myself for the first time ever.

Adrienne Egan 
Certified Arvigo Practitioner, Menstrual Health coach, Well Woman Yoga, Wellmother Practitioner, Wannabe Barefoot Runner, Truth Seeker & Nature lover

This work has helped me to build by confidence as a woman in the world. Several years later I am still experiencing greater levels of fulfilment and effectiveness as a direct result of working with Alexandra who continues to inspire, challenge and intrigue me.

Sarah Rozenthuler
Psychologist and Executive Coach, UK

I just loved the workshop and so much of what I’ve been looking at over the last few years has fallen into place since then. A couple of months down the line and it’s remarkable how everything which showed up in the guided visualisations has shown itself to be so accurate. I am now organising my life around the inner rhythms and allowing nature to guide me to live ever more deeply in harmony with this flow. I’m so grateful for you pioneering this work and just know that it’s something that all women (and men!) need to know about.

Laura Berridge
Coach, Healer & Designer

What a journey I am on! Learning about my menstruality has taken me to a deeper core understanding of my path in ways that I didn’t expect. Using my own cycle, I’m learning how to repair what was broken in my life and create anew, with an authority that self-awareness and years of therapy failed to bring. This work is reconnecting me with my birthright as a woman.

Jacqueline Riquez
Artist, mother, and menstruality educator

Menstruality Education is a rare gift; a unique opportunity for self discovery that opens doors to every aspect of our reality.  It has been both a privilege and a revelation to watch others flourish and grow in such an impressive, tangible manner with this material.   And it is humbling to see how far I have come myself in terms of emotional strength and awareness.  This work has enabled me to embody an understanding of how vital it is for women to befriend their menstrual consciousness – undoubtedly a fast track to progress in terms of personal development.

Penny Fuller
Yoga Teacher, 40 yrs old

I have never been to such a vitally important and transformative workshop before in my life. I have attended a few Alternatives workshops and other workshops run elsewhere, they have all been interesting and important in their own way and I have always been able to take things away but never like this.

It was not just me who felt this, there was a feeling at the end of the day of something shifting in that room amongst all those wonderful women. This is the kind of enlightenment that a woman should be born with. This is the kind of enlightenment that changes lives.

Harri Earthy
Artist, 29 yrs old.

My choice to work with my menstruality (through the in-person training) was not a rational decision, it was my soul that led me to it. I had no money. I knew nothing about Alexandra and Sjanie’s work. I had glanced at the website once and chatted briefly on the phone. I had only been off the pill for 5 months and knew nothing about the menstrual cycle. But somehow, deep inside my heart I KNEW that I HAD to do it. It felt like I had no choice. I’ve never looked back. It was an initiation for me, an initiation into being a woman. I grew dramatically over the year of the apprenticeship and experienced a tremendous amount of healing on all levels of my being. Something inside of me fundamentally changed. I finally felt like a woman.

Colette Nolan
aka Lady Cunt Love

Thank you for the wonderful workshop yesterday, and the power of what you are both holding and allowing to flow through you; for, again, nudging me towards a more deeply connected inner life, towards the paradigm shift that tugs at my heels, and towards reawakening my menstrual power…I have needed something to re-anchor me into my deeper self in a time of outer turmoil and shift, and I feel something is beginning to happen already even since yesterday. Deep work…I want to thank you for being such wonderful ripple-makers.

Hannah Rose Tristram
natural voice teacher, actress & yoga teacher

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