Discover why women all over the world are joining Red School to engage with their menstrual cycle and live their feminine power.

Are you ready to become part of a new generation of women today?

Our radical new approach is based on the inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

Red School is for you if you want to:

  • Fully and wholeheartedly enjoy being a woman
  • Make menstrual suffering a thing of the past
  • Feel in charge of your fertility (contraception and conception)
  • Learn the mindfulness practice for woman – our natural de-stressing way of life
  • Take charge of your life and live your own unique inner rhythm of power
  • Open the secret door to your Inner Oracle
  • Discover natural altered states of consciousness such as ecstasy, bliss and love by doing remarkably little
  • Enjoy the pleasure of being in the flow of your life
  • Experience the natural freedom and joy that comes from being grounded in feminine power

How can I learn about it?



We offer a starter series of four online courses to lay the foundations and develop your inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle. The follow on series goes deeper and explores the initiatory journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.


In Person

You can also come along to one of our workshops or training courses where you will have a chance to engage personally with Alexandra and Sjanie.

Hormone Harmony – FREE!

Discover the ultimate self care and stress management practice for women (and it’s already inside you). Yep, it’s your menstrual cycle. That thing you’ve been taught to ignore, to see as easily dispensable with drugs (the Pill et al) and even treat as the Enemy, is in fact your greatest ally for creating well being and living a truly empowered life.

Step 1
Sign up Now. It’s Free!

Packed full of stuff that every woman wishes they had been taught at school.


  • Take charge of your menstrual wellbeing, take charge of your life
  • Learn the 4 key notes for creating your hormone harmony
  • Plus loads of other self care tips and practices for keeping your hormones (and you!) humming along happily

Thank you so much…I feel both liberated and inspired – as though I am finally allowed to be me.
Holly Tarquin, mother and university lecturer.

Menstrual Cycle Literacy – just £76

This course grounds you in the most fundamental life skill for every woman – menstrual cycle awareness. Cycle awareness is a way of being connected to your self at all times, giving you the means to understand yourself better, manage your energy and radically reduce stress levels. You’ll gain a deep insight into your relationship to menstruation, learn how to chart the physical and emotional pattern of your cycle and discover your unique rhythm for experiencing optimum wellbeing.

Step 2

What are you waiting for you? Dive into Menstrual Cycle Literacy today. This course can be done alongside Hormone Harmony. In fact they are a perfect fit together.

  • Discover the ultimate key to understanding yourself as a woman
  • Unlock the power of your menstruality consciousness
  • Feel excited to be a woman

Menarche – just £66

Menarche is your very first period, a moment of great potential and sensitivity. How you are seen and related to in that moment can affect your experience of menstruation, your confidence levels and how you feel about yourself as a woman. In this course you will re-initiate yourself into your menstrual journey creating a new ground of inner affirmation and ability to assert your authority in the world. We strongly recommend that you complete the Menstrual Cycle Literacy course before you begin this Programme.

Step 3

The Menarche programme will be available to you once you have completed the Menstrual Cycle Literacy course.

  • Get a fresh start to your journey into womanhood
  • Release trauma, shame or grief associated with menarche
  • And awaken to the essence of your Calling