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The Red School Mentors are all women who have been involved with Red School for between five and ten years. They have completed the in-person Women’s Quest Apprenticeship training and been well worked by their cycles. Together they support the Red School Community and are available to answer your questions.

The mentors offer Menstruality coaching including the Menstrual Medicine Circle process which is unique to Red School. The process connects you directly to your own knowing and to the wisdom of your cycle and in so doing brings wonderful insight and healing. For one-to-one sessions please contact a mentor directly.

To find out more about them including their menstruality workshops and other programmes do check out their biogs and websites below.

Penny Fuller

I am yoga teacher and somatic movement therapist specializing in women’s holistic development. I have 25 years experience working within a spiritual framework and found Red School in 2010 after decades of chronic, life defining menstrual misery. Since then, I have been on an extraordinary journey of healing, self discovery and transformation, the gifts of which I feel called to share with others. Based in North West England, I offer classes, workshops, circles, private sessions and mentoring to those looking to integrate head, heart, body and soul in a meaningful and self supporting way.

Penny is available for mentoring on Skype or In-Person. Lancashire, United Kingdom. Email

Jane Legge

After a life changing menstrual epiphany half-way up a ladder inspecting an old railway bridge (a long story), I decided to follow my heart and womb into the world of menstruality. Since then I’ve started a Red Tent in North Wales, promoted feminine eco-products and presented menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events and worked with couples and individuals. I’ve recently taken my ‘Magical Menstrual Tour’ around the USA. What an experience! My passion is helping to guide and support people towards greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out. Lets connect, share and grow together!

Jane is available for mentoring on Skype. Email

Jady Mountjoy

I am a menstruating woman, mother, doula, holistic childbirth educator, bodyworker and passionate advocate of the menstruality movement. I have found cycle awareness a profoundly insightful, empowering and anchoring practice – deeply intimate and powerfully participatory. It has challenged and gifted me to embody my own Power. I am particularly interested in how this awareness defines a woman’s self worth, her capacity to yield to the birthing process and what happens in intimate relationship when we invite the men in our lives to tap into their cycles too!

Jady is available for mentoring on Skype or In-Person. Somerset, United Kingdom. Email

Abi Denyer-Bewick

I am a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things menstrual. I bring my embodied wisdom to my work with women, inspiring them to reclaim their power around their own health and the choices available to them.

At the core this is supporting a woman to come into an intimate relationship with herself through her cycle. I work using the Menstrual Medicine Circle, Yoga, Grief Rituals, Eating Psychology, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine to facilitate deep healing. I have a special interest in working with women with fertility challenges.

Abi is available for mentoring on Skype. Email

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