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What Reusable Menstrual Products Should I Use?

What reusable menstrual products should I use?

Why would you consider using eco-friendly menstrual products? And which reusable menstrual products should you choose? We invited Claire Baker to talk about three of the menstrual products that she uses and what she loves about each one.


Claire completed the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship with Red School in 2017 and is a super women’s coach and writer. Do check out her website for one-to-one sessions, workshops and menstrual retreats.

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  1. Completely agree with you being sceptical before using a menstrual cup I tried the washable sanitary pads. I tried putting my cup in a few times before my actual period and after my first cycle I was a cup convert. The rotation trick is brilliant to get the correct suction to avoid any leaks

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