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Within your body as a woman lies an extraordinary resource, your menstrual cycle, that when fully engaged with can give you a wholly new understanding and appreciation of your power. This knowledge can transform all facets of your life including:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Personal development
  • Preparation for pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Professional life
  • Leadership
  • Spiritual life

At Red School we have mapped out a clear, well structured path for you. The path is broken up into two stages or series. Each series holds a number of courses and, ideally, the courses are done in order. Each course building on the previous one

Series one:

gives you the building blocks for developing your feminine power

Hormone Harmony helps you to ease and heal menstrual problems naturally so that you can start to relish the psychological and spiritual powers of the cycle with greater pleasure and ease. This course can run alongside the following ones.

Menstrual Cycle Literacy gives you the golden key that unlocks the door to the powers of menstrual cycle

Menarche reframes the beginning of your menstrual journey and begins to connect you to your deeper calling in life.

Foundations gives you the three maps to your inner architecture of your being, and the means to orientate your life based on a feminine model of energy.

Series two:

 guides you on the feminine initiatory journey and how to embody that in the world.

Wellness gives you the foundational self-care and inner work skills for building healthy boundaries, getting to know and manage your own energies, developing a sturdy sense of self and ability to go out achieve things in your life. And these are your key building blocks for realising your full creative and spiritual potential, your menstruality power.

Creativity builds on the skills you have developed in Wellness to help you find and fulfil your unique creative expression. It teaches you the necessary stages of any creative endeavour, how those stages are embodied in your monthly cycle, and how to face and harness the role of the inner critic in service of who you are and what you create.

Spirituality builds on and refines the knowledge and inner discipline you have been developing from the previous courses to help you deepen into the spiritual powers of menstruation including the most exquisite state of Holy Union; understand the feminine initiatory process; and experience your whole cycle as a tuning instrument for the World, to know and feel yourself and the World as one.

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