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The Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC) is a unique imaginal process, used in one-to-one settings, developed by Red School to support you to tap you into and restore your inner ecology as a woman – the natural energetic, psycho-spiritual ‘flow’ or order of your menstrual cycle. And in so doing to get insight, receive ‘medicine’ and create a greater feeling of integration and wholeness.  Knowledge and experience which you then seed back into your lived experience of the cycle to continue deepening into. Find out more about the MMC

Below are a list of the MMC Facilitators

Penny Fuller

Red School Mentor

My menstrual cycle has been my greatest teacher. Having endured much suffering as a result of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and intense PMT, I have learned not only to find glittering gold in the darkest of places but also peace through adversity. As one of the first to graduate from the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship, I have shared Menstruality teachings in women’s circles, yoga classes and somatic therapy sessions since 2010, embracing the Medicine Circle as a key tool for self-exploration, guidance and insight.

Jady Mountjoy

Red School Mentor

I am a menstruating woman, mother, doula, holistic childbirth educator, bodyworker and passionate advocate of the menstruality movement. I have found cycle awareness a profoundly insightful, empowering and anchoring practice – deeply intimate and powerfully participatory. It has challenged and gifted me to embody my own Power. I am particularly interested in how this awareness defines a woman’s self worth, her capacity to yield to the birthing process and what happens in intimate relationship when we invite the men in our lives to tap into their cycles too!

Jane Legge

Red School Mentor

After a life changing menstrual epiphany half-way up a ladder inspecting an old railway bridge (a long story), I decided to follow my heart and womb into the world of menstruality. Since then I’ve started a Red Tent in North Wales, promoted feminine eco-products and presented menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events and worked with couples and individuals. I’ve recently taken my ‘Magical Menstrual Tour’ around the USA. What an experience! My passion is helping to guide and support people towards greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out. Lets connect, share and grow together!

Mandy Adams

Mandy Adams has worked within the field of women’s health, in one way or another, her entire life and is currently working as a Menstruality Educator offering Women’s Workshops, Online Mentoring, Rites of Passage Ceremonies, Pregnancy and Well Woman Yoga classes. She is also founder of Red Tent Cornwall and is frequently asked to bring her grounded voice both as a speaker and a writer. Her originality and authority in bringing this work stem from her own embodiment and visibility within her community. She is deeply passionate about restoring our cyclical nature to directly affect our relationship with the Earth.

Kate Codrington

I hold space for sensitive women to come home to themselves, whether menstruating, in a menopausal process or who have no cycle at all.  If you:

  • Want to orientate yourself in the menopause process, or
  • Want to deepen your Menstrual Cycle Awareness and
  • Rock your self-care

Please email or ring to see if we’re a good match.

I have 25 years’ experience of working with women in Body Psychotherapy and Intuitive Bodywork; I employ this embodiment to deepen the power and juice of the Menstrual Medicine Circles.

Leora Leboff

Witnessing women meet their wisdom, via the wonder of the Menstrual Medicine Circle. You may be on a journey with your menstrual cycle, on your fertility journey, travelling through perimenopause or menopause, or looking for clarity on your life path. All the wisdom is held within you, and it’s an honour to guide women to meet the Medicine of insight. Leora Leboff is a Women’s Health Therapist and Educator, who adores nothing more than holding space one to one, and gathering women to see them rise.

Abi Denyer-Bewick

I am a passionate advocate for cyclical living and all things menstrual. I bring my embodied wisdom to my work with women, inspiring them to reclaim their power around their own health and the choices available to them.

At the core this is supporting a woman to come into an intimate relationship with herself through her cycle. I work using the Menstrual Medicine Circle, Yoga, Grief Rituals, Eating Psychology, Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine to facilitate deep healing. I have a special interest in working with women with fertility challenges.

Shara Morales

Shara Morales is an energy and consciousness therapist – a “soul worker”. Personal transformation requires a safe and intelligent container where inner processes can be recognized, expressed and released meaningfully. Shara’s approach is based on deep listening, presence and love.

Shara has diplomas as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (2009), a Body Psychotherapist (2012), an Expressive Art Therapist (2012), a Kinesiologist (2017) and a Dream Therapist (2018). She also holds a Master in Business Administration from Stanford University (2005).

Born in Mexico, Shara has lived in different parts of Europe for the past 15 years; she is fluent in English and Spanish, and is currently learning German.

Lisa de Jong

Lisa began her journey of Menstrual Cycle Awareness with Red School after suffering with debilitating period pain for many years. In 2017 she completed the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship and is now on her journey to becoming a Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator.

She brings a gentle healing approach to her work that is grounded, embodied and mindful. Lisa is passionate about teaching how the menstrual cycle can become the container that supports a woman’s life rather than being a burden. She is a writer working in the arts and is based in Dublin.

Tessa Sanderson

Tessa is an experienced yoga teacher, running classes for every stage of a woman’s life. She holds birth preparation workshops for couples, and whilst being able to hold Menstrual Medicine Circles for any woman, she is particularly passionate about using the process prior to conception, and to support pregnancy and birth.

She completed the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship with Red School in 2016 and has hosted the Caversham Red Tent for the last four years.  She has a PhD in Medical Sociology, bringing her professionalism and compassion to every encounter.

Helen Gialias

Helen is a homeopath with 18 years’ experience of supporting and healing women holistically. She facilitates workshops and work with individuals teaching menstrual cycle and menopause awareness and co-founded Red Tent Bournemouth. She is also a celebrant, creating rituals and ceremonies to support women through rites of passage.

Having personally experienced the power of menstrual cycle awareness to transform physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, she is passionate about empowering women to connect with their menstrual cycle and to consciously experience each rite of passage in their lives.

Jayne Power

Jayne Power started working with Red School in 2012, graduating from their Women’s Quest Apprenticeship which led to hosting the initial group of women exploring Menstrual Medicine Circles, after her interest in Menstruality grew from facilitating Red Tent women’s circles in Worcestershire, specialising in supporting menstruating and menopausal women.

She also offers 1:1 bespoke space for women to retreat to through these transitions. She has further developed her womb work with Miranda Grey, Jane Bennett, Uma Dinsmore-Tul and Jane Hardwicke Collings and works as Red School’s Event Manager, particularly enjoying menopause workshops.

Trainee MMC Facilitators

Claire Baker

Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach based in London. Focusing on the intersection of life coaching and menstrual cycle awareness, Claire facilitates 1:1 sessions, educational online courses and inspiring workshops and retreats. Known for her playful honesty and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire teaches women how to sync their lives with their menstrual cycle, believing that this approach is the ‘missing key’ in women’s wellbeing.

Her work empowers women to embrace their cycle, claim their self-authority and transform their creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual self.

Pam McCarthy

Pam hopes to bring sensitivity, commitment and engagement to this work. Her guiding principles are our connection to Nature and cyclic living. Menstruality found her in the mid-2000s and she has been swimming in this ocean since.

Pam is a graduate of Red School’s Apprenticeship and Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator training. She knows from her own experience how menstrual medicine circles can unlock the inner kindness within us and support our healing. She is very happy to work with women who want to bring this into their lives too.

Violaine King

Violaine has been working has a homoeopath since graduating in 2012. After attending a workshop with Alexandra she was on the path of discovering the deep well of her femininity and her powers!

She continued with her journey and attended an apprenticeship of Red School (2014) and continued with the Menstrual Medicine Circle (2017-2018). She loves working with women’s health in her Homoeopathic practice and menstrual cycle awareness work.

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