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Wild Power: The Map Of The Inner Seasons

Wild Power: The Map of The Inner Seasons

In  our previous blog we introduced you to your unique power process as a woman – your menstrual cycle. Here we introduce the Map of The Inner Seasons.

Your power process is made up of different phases each with their own developmental task that we like to call your sacred task. We think of these phases as different ‘muscle groups’ within you that need exercising for you to be able to experience a more coherent, grounded, easeful relationship to your power.


Your inner seasons

There are four key ‘muscle groups’ that we call your inner seasons or the Map of your Inner Seasons. Like the seasons of the year, through your menstrual month you move through an inner winter, spring, summer and autumn and back to winter again. Each phase ushers in a set of very specific resources and psychological challenges that help you grow you into and embody your power. In meeting these challenges you strengthen your metaphorical muscles, these elements of your power, and build the inner container to hold and express your full magnificence or Wild Power.


To give you a rough idea of these phases, in a classic 28 day cycle:

  • The  inner winter is approximately day 27 to day 5
  • The inner spring is approximately day 6 to day 11
  • The inner summer is approximately day 12 to day 19
  • The inner autumn approximately day 20 to day 26

However, do not get too hung up on exact days. The important thing is to sense and follow your own cycle experience, and discover the season changing moments for yourself.  

As you bring consciousness to and care for each season in turn, you restore the order of the cycle, your inner ecology, and with that create a feeling of greater ease and pleasure, coherence and effectiveness in using your power.


Inner winter and the sacred task of Surrender

First let’s focus on the inner winter – the time of menstruation.  It is a season replete with the most amazing resources such as the ability to experience expansive awareness and altered states of consciousness, effortless presence, ecstasy and visioning, and love  and Union. But to access these resources requires the sacred task of Surrender.

Surrender is your ability to let go and allow. It sounds so simple but in our action driven, action packed world Surrender can feel almost impossible…there is always another thing to do. And if we are honest, letting go can feel a little bit scary for most of us. Stopping may expose us to feelings that we may have been keeping at bay with activity. We might also feel like we are missing out, or it could feel plain boring. But, dear people, there is no way around this one if you want to come into a more aligned, wholesome place with your power.

Menstruation is the anchor of your power process. It is both the beginning and end of it. It’s the place where you root deeply into yourself. And Surrender is the means by which that anchoring happens.  As you let go at menstruation you release tension, repair and refuel(through rest and the activation of the soothing balm of oxcytocin), re-connect, remember who are and what you are really about (your Calling or Wild Power). In this way your power process is fully prepped for the next round of action and the realisation of your Calling

To help you get in gear with your sacred task of Surrender we have a terrific blog from Claire Baker, one of our apprentices, and a skilled teacher and coach in menstruality

The Wild Power Course

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