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We teach a radical new approach to woman’s health and wellbeing; creativity and leadership; and spiritual life  based on the power of our menstruality consciousness.

With combined experience in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, teaching and facilitation, we are both published authors and experts in the fields of women’s health and wellbeing and spirituality.

Between us we have forty years of exploring and learning about  menstruality from our own deeply lived experience and the collective knowledge we have gathered from working with thousands of women in workshops, one to one sessions and passing conversation.

More about us

In the beginning

From our very first periods our deep instinctual selves ‘knew’ something significant was at work but we had no language to name it. Mainstream consciousness distracted us with the message to keep quiet about the fact of the cycle and menstruation itself and we were both temporarily seduced by the apparent liberation of hormonal contraception. Thankfully our deep instinctual knowing broke through that illusion and each in our own ways found fertility awareness in our 20s, the first conscious step of awakening into the power of menstruality.

From pain to power

At thirty one Alexandra was seized by the most outrageous menstrual pain that was to return for 3-4 days each menstrual month. In an attempt to heal her body she decided to give space to menstruation whenever she could and feel into the pain rather than take drugs. It was profoundly challenging but in the wake of that pain came revelation and importantly healing. Her perception of menstruation radically altered she began sharing with other women in workshops and her psychotherapy practice what she was discovering about the psychological and spiritual forces of the female body. The more she taught the more she learnt. Women’s stories held the gold. When she stopped to listen, to follow the natural impulse of the cycle, it was as though a whole new world, a new cosmology revealed itself. The feminine cosmology, the power of menstruality.

A high definition life

When Sjanie came off hormonal contraception her feeling life exploded into glorious technicolour. She came alive in ways she had not known before, as though she were tasting herself for the first time. From that day forth her fascination for the cycle grew and grew and lead her to study hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and to develop an expertise in the area of fertility with women who are struggling to conceive. As the mother of a baby and a toddler (say no more!) she brings the menstruality consciousness to bear on the realities of child rearing, relationship and running a business.

The post menopause adventure

Alexandra has allowed herself to be well worked by the alchemical dynamic of menopause, and while she’s less enamoured of some aspects of getting older, she’s absolutely loving the liberation and authority that the post menopause life bestows, and the deep sense of belonging or ‘place’ in the world that she has arrived at.

Carla EstevesA collaborative project

This work has evolved through the company of women. Each time we gather together we gather back in more of the possibilities of our menstruality power. In particular we’d like to thank Carla Esteves (left) of Somaterra for all her input into what we now currently teach.

This programme is also made possible by our lovely group of course mentors. These are women who have completed the in-person Women’s Quest Apprenticeship training, the purpose of which is to help women find their own authority, or ‘voice’, in the field of menstruality. The mentors have really worked and continue to work deeply with their cycle, experienced challenges, let themselves be touched and weathered by the process, and are able to offer you heartfelt support.

About the Mentors

I want to thank you for such an amazing workshop.  I was so overcome (I was fighting back sobs from the first exercise) by the process, that I wasn’t able to express all that was happening for me, but I have felt hugely transformed since that day.  I read your book, The Pill, and began to see very clearly a.) how much I am still in recovery, 5 years later, from about 7 years of hopping on and off all sorts of hormonal contraceptives and b.) how I could be transformed by understanding my cycle.
Emily Webster, yoga teacher.

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